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In the quest for perfectly shaped and defined eyebrows, many people find themselves torn between nano brows and microblading. Both options have gained popularity for their long-lasting results in the evolving beauty industry.

At PMU by Julia P in New York City, we excel in both nano brows and microblading. This blog post aims to clarify the unique characteristics of each method, helping you decide on the best approach to achieve your dream brows.

The Technique Behind Nano Brows

Nano brows, also known as nano needling or micro-pigmentation, represent an advanced evolution of microblading. This method uses ultra-fine needles to insert pigment into the skin’s upper layer, resulting in natural and realistic hair-like strokes. Nano brows stand out for their precision, offering a softer and more subtle look than microblading. The fine strokes ensure a natural outcome, enhancing your eyebrows subtly.

Understanding Microblading

Microblading, a well-known technique for eyebrow enhancement, involves a hand-held tool with micro-needles to make shallow cuts in the skin. An artist then manually inserts pigment into these cuts, mimicking natural eyebrow hairs. This method results in boulder, more defined brows suitable for those aiming for a dramatic effect. Microblading excels in crafting sharp and precise eyebrow shapes for a perfectly groomed look.

Duration and Longevity

Nano brows generally outlast traditional microblading thanks to the deeper pigment placement. This technique ensures the pigment stays longer in the skin, extending the longevity of nano brows. Typically, nano brows can maintain their appearance for 2-3 years before needing a touch-up, whereas microblading may require touch-ups every 1-2 years.

Healing and Recovery

Both nano brows and microblading share similar healing processes. Expect some redness and swelling post-procedure, which typically eases within a few days. Proper aftercare is vital for both methods to ensure successful healing and pigment retention. Adhering to aftercare instructions from your artist is key to securing the best outcomes.

Suitability for Different Skin Types

Nano brows and microblading cater to different skin types. Nano brows, with their precise technique, are ideal for sensitive or thin skin and offer lasting results for oily skin types due to reduced fading. Conversely, microblading suits those with drier skin better, providing a bolder, more defined look and the illusion of fuller eyebrows.

Choosing the Right Option

Your choice between nano brows and microblading hinges on personal preference, desired brow style, and skin type. For those favoring a softer, more natural result with extended durability, nano brows are the go-to. If a pronounced, defined eyebrow shape is your goal, microblading will meet your needs.

At PMU by Julia P, our seasoned artists are eager to assist in your decision-making process, offering personalized consultations to evaluate your skin type, facial structure, and eyebrow aspirations. We’re committed to recommending the most fitting technique to amplify your natural beauty.


Both nano brows and microblading offer superb solutions for achieving flawless, enduring eyebrow enhancements. Nano brows provide a gentler, more natural look with greater longevity, while microblading delivers bold and defined eyebrows for those seeking impact.

Book a consultation with our experts at PMU by Julia P in New York City to discover the optimal solution tailored to your unique features and preferences. Regardless of your choice, our adept artists pledge to deliver outstanding results, leaving you with perfectly shaped, beautifully defined brows that enhance your overall look.

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